Vazhviyal Oham
Vazhviyal Oham


Life has so many dimensions such as physical, physiological, social, career, wealth, family, friends and so on and balancing each other is always a challenge for me. I have been attending seminar, sat-sang, retreats and yoga/meditation camps whenever get a chance to learn and improve myself. What I have observed from those are that every one is focusing mostly on one or two aspects of the life. 

However, I see that Vazhviyal Oham completely different. In a sense, that it is a blend of everything, touching all aspects of life. It taught me how to lead a healthy life while being in harmony with nature. 

It taught me how to be religious while following my own faith. You not only shared your knowledge but you did so to the benefit of temple construction. I see the change in me, I have picked up several good habits from this program. It was truly most enriching and rewarding experience. I believe this program is in the right direction to learn and improve myself and I know it is a journey. 

I look forward to next level course... Please continue this program, it is a success even if one person follows this... 

 Thank you !!!. 

-Mr. Raj

    Dear Yogi Ji, thank you very much for your time and effort in conducting this valuable course. I felt this 12 weeks class was one of the wonderful things happened to me and my family. Each one of us were eagerly waiting for Sunday morning 😀. My kids gives us hard time to wake up at 10 AM on Saturday mornings but on Sunday's they will wake-up at 5:00 AM and get ready to meet you at the Hindu temple.We have learnt a lot of new information from this first course. We will continue to follow most of the techniques that we learned and will try to make it as part of our daily routine. 

Thank you very much. 


I was initially inspired by the wellness lecture demonstration where I saw some people experiencing the benefits of Acupressure.

When I joined the Wellness class I knew the topics, which would be covered, but from what expected to what I learnt was lot more.  We have moved on to modern living where we feel we are short of time to do anything that is normal. This class has made me aware,listen to ones body and help me understand to take baby steps to incorporate healthy habits.These are yet simple changes that we could do without slowing down our lives. To list a few are using Natural products;  way of eating ;follow your breath and sleeping.

Even though I don't practice all of them, the things we discussed in the class are registered in my mind and they come back to me often which is making me think and take steps towards practicing.

I was looking for dummies for wellness and Acupressure, this class was overwhelming at times with all the good information but Raja Ji kept us motivated entire class by encouraging us. "Each body is a master piece","Its ok to do what you can do","Listen and follow your body" are few of his words I registered and the other best part is the students, sharing their experiences from past to present, we are at a point where we only go by reviews :-) and the students gave me that assurance.

Most of the things I learnt, I have shared and passed on to family and friends already.The task left, is to practice and in 6 months move to next level.
Thank you

I really wanted to thank you for all your efforts you took in the past 13-14 weeks and we all really appreciate your help. Initially when I started the class my expectation were totally different, I was looking forward to someone teaching yoga exercises and just list them how to do it, so when you first began the theory classes and all about eating habits and positive thinking, I was not very sure that I chose the correct class.  But you proved me wrong, there is a vast change in the way I eat rather our entire family eats and its brought a  very welcome and positive change.Without the initial classes I am not sure this would have been possible.

The other important thing I admire about your way of teaching was, nothing was mandatory and there is no wrong way of doing anything. You always appreciated and given feedback for our efforts. For so long I have never been  able to meditate and I used to feel so inadequate  and that I was doing something wrong but following your method of doing Surya Thavam and other breathing techniques, I was able to meditate and this was quite a surprise and joy. You are the only person I have come across so far who told us that even starting small was great and over a period of time we can achieve what we want.This is one of the biggest things for me from this program.  I have been doing all the relaxation, stretching, breathing exercises regularly now and somehow I feel energized doing these. Getting up early to do yoga is not a problem any more  it has become a routine.  I have also been able to include lot of grains and millets in our food and this has helped our family as a whole.

Finally my goal is to continue doing my exercises regularly and comeback for the advance class in at least 4 months time. I pray god to give you more energy and opportunities  to continue making positive impact in lot of people like me.

Thank you once again from all of us!!!!
-Ms. Karpagam