Vazhviyal Oham
Vazhviyal Oham

A Special Announcement for Solar Eclipse On  21 Aug 2017

Dear Divine Souls,


As many of you know that we have solar eclipse on Monday 08/21/2017. The eclipse start and end timings. All timing is specified in Eastern Time. Please refer to your time.


Start Time: Aug 21 at 11:46:50 AM Eastern Time

End Time : Aug 21 at 5:04:21 PM Eastern Time


What to do and Not to do?


1.  Make sure don’t go outside during the eclipse time. If you are obsolete need to go out, ensure not to lift your eyes towards Sun to see what’s going on.  Also, if you happened to go outside, ensure that you are not going with kids. They may not have consciousness not to see the Sun during eclipse.

2.  Don’t eat during the eclipse time. If possible, stay home rather go to office on Monday. Also, take showers without shampoo or any kind of chemicals (if needed use natural/herbal powders) before and after the eclipse time.

3.  If time permits and if you are practicing any meditation, sit in any meditation during these timings. 11:30 AM to 12:05 PM and also 4:45 PM to 5:15 PM. During the meditation ask for whatever you want, that will manifest (no time and space guarantee).  However, ensure you pray for wellness of entire world. Simply asking for I need car or home is also manifest but that will shrink your growth. So, pray for bigger things to help the society. If you don’t know any meditation, simply observe your breath during the above-mentioned time and pray accordingly. Kindly note that you are fully responsible for what you pray for. So be responsible during the prayer at the eclipse times.

4.  Ensure to put Dharbai grass at least in front of the entrance and backside of the home/office/work place. This will enhance all extra energy during the eclipse time in to a positive energy.  If you don’t have Dharbai grass, use Lime/Lemon/Red onions., cut them in to two pieces and place them in to each 8 side of the home/office/work place.

5.  Ensure to stop watch TV during this time, because anything you watch or doing this time will accelerate the actions due to additional cosmic energies. So once again, be responsible for what you are doing.


Please pass on this information to your friends, families and neighbors, if you think its beneficial.


Good Luck and have a safe Solar eclipse.

An Ancient Siddha Vetha Way Of Living. Let us make peaceful green world. 

With Love,

Yogi Rajababu

Vazhviyal Oham Instructor.