Vazhviyal Oham
Vazhviyal Oham

Vazhviyal Oham for Kids

Vazhviyal means Lifestyle & Oham means Yoga in Tamil.

Most of our life is determined while we are a kid. Adults’ behavior is based on childhood experiences. So, it’s always better to create a framework for kids while they in childhood, to positively impact their behavior and attitude as grown-ups. There is a proverb in Tamil called “ஐந்தில்வளையாததுஐம்பதில்வளையாது" meaning that things can’t be changed as age 50 if we can’t change at age 5. So, better to start in early stage to create a peaceful and joyful life for everyone.


Additionally, we need good leaders to carry forward the values of ancient science, good lifestyle, wellness, yoga and morality for better world in the future. This can be done by developing leadership skills from the childhood. But, the kids need to understand who are leaders and what type of leaders.


The modern globalized world is managed by a framework created by four different types of leaders who each have independent responsibilities, and yet are interdependent. These leaders are Political Leaders, Business Leaders, Spiritual Leaders and Philanthropic Leaders.


The idea of Vazhviyal Oham for Kids is to develop the above leadership skills to kids through awareness of wellness, a healthy lifestyle, understanding of ancient science, performing regular yogic practices and learning morality through key epics of ancient books like Thirukkural, Avvaiyar Books, MahaBharath, Bhagavath Geetha and so on. 

Yogi Rajababu